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Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Web Site for: Panther Lake, Snohomish WA

Panther Lake, Snohomish WA:

"The Panther Lake web site is maintained by the Chisholm family. If you have comments or suggestions regarding this web site you can send email to one of the following addresses.

Questions regarding the weather data should be directed to Dan. Questions about water quality monitoring and data should be
directed to Ken.

Long term we hope the web site can be used to capture and share information about the past and future of this
wonderful lake. Please send your comments, stories and historical

Thanks for visiting! "

From the Contact information page for the new web site.

They have a weather station so we can get local weather data!

There is also some beginning history information and photos of the lake (all from the East side so far--I'll send them some shots from the west side).


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