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Thursday, August 11, 2005

komo news | New Road Has So Little Traffic, It's A Danger

komo news | New Road Has So Little Traffic, It's A Danger: "SNOHOMISH COUNTY - A new Snohomish County road is so under-used, it's actually a danger. Now the county is looking for money to crack down on the unsafe drivers who use it.
'If you build it, they will come' never rang true for Cathcart Way. The state spent $25 million dollars on the stretch of road to handle up to 30,000 cars a day.
But only 6,000-to-8,000 use it. "

They got that right! If it takes you 15-20 minutes to get across the valley on Hiway 9, then who in their right mind whould go that way. Most of us continue to take Seattle Hill Road when going that direction; and it is still slow. It's the traffic light at Airport Way that causes the problem.

Too bad that we can't tell all the prospective buyers at Panther Lake Ridge that they can't get to Seattle from here . . . but by the time the PLR subdivision is full they probably will have fixed the problems and Snohomish will be the bottleneck.


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