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Friday, August 26, 2005

HeraldNet: 'Mini-city' man

HeraldNet: 'Mini-city' man:
"Lots of people are worried about developer Dave Barnett. What is he thinking?
What will he do?
But Barnett says all the worry is premature.
For about
three years, Barnett has been lobbying for the right to build 'mini-cities' in
Snohomish County's rural areas.
'These communities are a better planning
tool than the other planning tool, which is sprawl,' said Barnett, who owns
2,655 acres of timberland west of Lake Roesiger.
To create mini-cities,
formally called fully contained communities, in Snohomish County, Barnett hired
three of the state's top land-use experts to help him.
He's almost there."

Which is bad news for us, as we live next door to the proposed city.


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