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Friday, September 30, 2005

Master Builders Association supports Sax, and the reason is clear

Welcome to the Master Builders Association web site.: "The MBA was among Sax�s strongest supporters. After a very tough race, Sax won by a 50-46 margin, representing an important victory for the industry. Since entering office, with Sax�s help, the now Republican-controlled council has charted a much more reasonable course for local land-use laws, such as a revised planned residential development ordinance, nine-lot short plat ordinance, development phasing overlay amendments and lot-size-averaging. These changes have proven to be very valuable tools for helping to make the state Growth Management Act (GMA) work better in Snohomish County, enabling the industry to do a better job of keeping up with the demand for new homes."

All of which don't do much for us out here in the country who'd like to preserve some of our rural habitat. It's obvious why they support him.

WashBlog: Jeff Sax mum on I-912

WashBlog: Jeff Sax mum on I-912: "'Improving our roads allows everyone to spend more time with their
families....Fixing roads must continue to be a priority - not an afterthought.'
That is a quote from Jeff Sax's own statement in the Snohomish County Voter's Guide. A profound statement by Sax, but one has to wonder if he feels so strongly about roads, safety, and family like the good Republican he is, why is he mute and silent about Initiative 912, the anti-roads, anti-safety, anti-community, anti-family initiative created and sponsored by KVI and KTTH reactionaries?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Quality Communities PAC has lots of money

I've been doing some research on the Quality Communities PAC, the group that has been supporting local printers. These guys have raised a lot of money--and they appear to be pouring it all into our little race here in district 5. As of September 12 they had raised over $100,000. They appear to be collecting $2000 or so from developers. I haven't had time to see if our friendly neighborhood developer is one of them, but I'll bet he is. I'll spend some time reviewing the documentation at the Public Disclosure Commission. To date they have filed 47 reports.

As of September 12 Dave Somers had raised $67,000 or so, and Jeff Sax had raised over $150,000.

The moral of all this is that Sax has more money right now. So if you have some spare change to donate for politics, and you agree with me that our neighborhood would be better off with Dave Somers on the County Council than with Jeff Sax, now is the time to invest it.

Check out Dave Somers web site and you will see which side he is on.

The Seattle Times: Snohomish County News: Developer's methods stir up boomtown Sultan

The Seattle Times: Snohomish County News: Developer's methods stir up boomtown Sultan: "In Monroe, the Coalition for Quality Communities, a political-action committee that is funded by Barclays and four other development companies, paid $10,000 to Monroe Councilman Chad Minnick's printing company. According to paperwork filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission, the payment was a 'retainer fee.'"

Some background on the people who are sending out all those Sax brochures.

The Seattle Times: Politics: Sax-Somers rematch ahead

The Seattle Times: Politics: Sax-Somers rematch ahead: "Without waiting for tomorrow's official primary results, eyes already are turning to the general-election rematch between Snohomish County Council Republican incumbent Jeff Sax and Democratic challenger Dave Somers"

Article about our local race from the Seattle Times.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Seattle Times: Politics: Ex-councilman Somers defeats Democratic foe in Snohomish County

The Seattle Times: Politics: Ex-councilman Somers defeats Democratic foe in Snohomish County: "Former Snohomish County Councilman Dave Somers will get his shot at avenging an election loss four years ago to District 5 Councilman Jeff Sax. "

This is good news for us, as Somers is more in attune with the neighborhood and not the developers.

More information forthcoming.

Monday, September 12, 2005

HeraldNet: Farmers turn to marketing

This article on Heraldnet discusses the state of farming in Snohomish county, blaming changes on environmental regulations, and pointing out that farmers are turning to marketing to survives. Of course this isn't a new trend; I attended the North American Lavender Conference several years ago (in Sequim) where agricultural diversification was a major topic.

The problem really is that small businesses are less viable in this day of large corporations and offshore manufacturing, because small companies find it harder to make a living off a small niche. Marketing Diversification is one solution to that problem.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

NoShooting Zone Proposed North of Panther Lake

Article from the Bothell News:

" new no-shooting zone proposed by the Snohomish County Council near Panther Lake east of Snohomish is expected to be approved by County Executive Aaron Reardon in the next few days.
The zone affects 15 properties in Panther Lake Estates along 165th Avenue SE. A previous proposal affected up to 216 properties."