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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Those signs you've seen along 92nd on the way out from Snohomish

I've noticed several signs along the side of the road on the way out from Snohomish the last several weeks, and finally stopped to look at one. They point to the website of Citizens To Preserve The Upper Snohomish River Valley - CPUSRV, an organization that has been fighting a fight similar to ours, although more focused on a narrow issue. Apparently they have been prevailing in the permitting and legal process to stop the erection of several radio towers out in the Snohomish valley, but were stymied when the County council voted in favor of the Tower developer upon appeal.

They are now in the process of a court appeal of a recently issued EIS.

Of interest to Three Lakes Neighbors is the approach they are taking to fundraising. They are planning a "Barn Sale" for early May. Something we might think about. . .


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