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Saturday, December 16, 2006

We have power but others don't

We drove to Monroe today from Three Lakes, and came back via Chain Lake Road.  There is still one major tree down across Chain Lake Road right where it turns west to join Trombley.  Many people have driven under it, although there is a wire lying across the road.

My son-inlaw drove to the Storm Lake Store and there were several trees down across the road; I think he went the sourthern route. No power yet at the store and the owner apparently doesn't have power at home in Mill Creek.  Crews are working in the area.

We apparently averted a major power failure at home by buying a generator on Thursday night.  After the second power outage of the evening we decided to get it running; five minutes after the generator was running (after much searching for tools in the dark) the power came back on.  Even though it went off a bit later it was bedtime.  By Friday morning it was back on and has stayed on since. Knock on some of the wood lying across our fence where one tree came down.


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